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FREE SHIPPING within Australia for all orders over $100

Finely Ground Oatmeal Cleansing Bar 130g

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Milk, Oatmeal and Honey Soap 130g
Start the day washing with a natural soap that smells wholesome and and leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh.

The finely ground oatmeal in this soap helps exfoliate the skin. Honey is a natural antiseptic and has been shown to assist skin repair. All of this is in a Buttermilk base. It just so happens that it smells like a healthy breakfast.

Suitable for anyone needing a good scrub without drying the skin.

Note: These are big bars of Milk Soap (130g) so they last longer. Some people with smaller hands or children may find it easier if the bar is cut into two pieces.


Buttermilk, Sodium Olivate (Saponified Olive Oil), Sodium Cocoate (Saponifed Coconut Oil), Sodium Sunflowerate (Saponifed Sunflower Oil), Sodium Cocoa Butterate,Avena Sativa (Oatmeal) Kernel Flour, Mel (Honey), Fragrant Oil (Phthlate Free).

Ingredient Description
Lac (Cow’s Whole Milk - Buttermilk) Originally this was the milk left behind after churning butter but now a lot of people drink it or use it in cooking. It is really creamy and so makes our Buttermilk soap even creamier. In Milk Soaps, fresh Buttermilk is self-preserving due to the pH or the saponification process.
Sodium Olivate (Saponified Olive Oil) The basis of "castile" bars.. We found Castile soap too soft and it is better to use other moisturising ingredients and some more solid oils to ensure the basrs last longer. 
Sodium Cocoate (Saponifed Coconut Oil) Saponified Coconut Oil is a great cleanser. Pure Coconut bars are drying, and this is why it is combined with the other oils. 
Sodium Sunflowerate (Saponifed Sunflower Oil) Sunflower Oil that has been saponified. The left over sunflower oill helps keeps the skin moisturised. 
Sodium Cocoa Butterate We use Cocoa Butter in the milk bars to make them harder so they last longer than a castile bar. Excess Cocoa Butter is left behind and this helps mositurise the skin as you wash. 
Oatmeal Acts as a gentle exfoliant. 
Mel (Honey) Honey is great for the skin and a natural anti-bacterial.
Fragrant Oil (Phthlate Free) We used to use various Essential Oils in our products. EO’s are great if we could talk to each customer and check for allergies. Due to the occasional reaction to EO’s, we removed them. We worked with another company to develop phthalate free fragrant oil (phthalates are the things in fragrances that a lot of people don’t like) and since then the response has been great.


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